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Frequently Asked Questions

Pack Light.  You are coming here to study!
There are many very inexpensive stores here in Springfield.  You can buy what you need to here rather than paying high baggage fees if you are flying in.


What To Bring For Class

Not much:  Just you, your pen/pencil, and a backpack.
Dress comfortably!  You are here to study.  (But please look presentable, we are in a professional building)
Scrubs are always nice and comfy!

We supply all your books, note taking supplies for class.
Please DO NOT bring computers to class.  You will need your computer at your housing.
Don't bring a bunch of books, you will NOT need them nor use them.
Boards Ready teaches exclusively from Dr. Derges' book:  Boards Ready, Step 1, 2, 3.
The only book that can be helpful for clinicals is Bates Physical Diagnosis.
The only book that can be helpful to practice biostatistics is the High Yield Series: Biostatistics.
The temp in the classroom is comfy.  But its always a good idea to be able to add or take off a layer.
If you will be walking to class: think weather appropriate!  Winter: bring HEAVY coats and boots! 
It rains, so an umbrella and jacket are a good idea: summer, fall, winter or spring
Cell phone - MUST BE OFF and OUT OF SIGHT (in purse or backpack) DURING ALL CLASSES - use of phones is ONLY allowed during breaks!   NO EXCEPTION!


What To Bring For Clinicals

White Coat
School ID
Based on what clinic you will be in, you will need to bring one pari of scrubs and:
Men:  Shirt, Tie and Nice Slacks.  Hair, beards, etc., neatly groomed.
Women:  Dress/Skirt or Nice Slack Outfit.  Hair pulled back, neatly groomed, no perfume, light jewelry, no long nails or nail color.
Comfortable Shoes!!


What To Bring For Student House and Townhouses

We will send you your housing address along with roommate info 2 weeks prior to the start of class.

The houses are all furnished, the kitchens stocked with dishes, pans, appliances.
Either bring or buy here:
Full size sheets, blankets, pillow.
Towels, wash clothes.
Any personal items: hair dryer, toiletries.
Laptop.  (Internet is included with apartments).  You will use your computer heavily.  We can always print forms, etc. that you may need for school, rotations off at our clinic.  You will NOT need your computer in class.


To Drive or to Fly

We have students do both every semester.  Check under our "Travel" tab here on our site for details regarding the Springfied/Branson airport and driving.  We are easy to drive to from just about anywhere in the country- we are right in the center of the USA!
It is nice to have transportation when you are here for 12 weeks, but not needed.  You can rent cars on the weekend's and most anything you need is within walking distance of the apartments:  groceries, cleaners,
restaurants, Dollar General Store, banks, ATM's!
If you don't drive and those with cars give you rides - please give them money for gas!  But remember, they are NOT here as a taxi service, they are here to study.  So please do not expect rides.
We also have city buses that stop 1 block from the apartments. 


Can I Get Everything I Need Here?

Springfield is almost 300,000 people.  We have everything here!  From the cheapy $1 stores to the big box stores: Best Buys, Grocery Stores, Wal Marts, SAMS, Staples, Theaters, Fitness Centers, Shopping Malls and we have more restaurants that you could count in a lifetime.  We are in the "Bible Belt" so we have every possible Faith represented here.


Friends and Family

The USMLE demands 100% of your attention.  This 12 weeks must be a time to set aside and only focus on this exam.  We strongly recommend, based on a LOT of experience, that you DO NOT have anyone visit and we strongly recommend that you DO NOT leave to go visit.  We recommend that you do all your communications with your family and friends on the one day that you have off during the week.  The rest of the time, it is critical that you stay focused on this exam.  This 12 weeks will literally fly by.  It will be much nicer to visit with friends and family after you have this exam done and out of the way!


What is the Class Schedule Like

As a general overview (the details will be given our during orientation).
Class begins at 8:00 am and ends at 12:00 pm Mon - Thursday.  You will have a very regimented schedule following class until midnight.  Friday's are entirely devoted to Pharmacology.  You will get one day off a week.  You can pick from either Saturday or Sunday.  The day you chose to study will be regimented also.  There will be time each day allotted for a nap, exercise and your meals.  The rest of your time is all USMLE. 
Always be on time.  Absenteeism and tardiness is not acceptable at any time.  You will be thinking and acting just as a doctor throughout this class - if you can't do this you will never make it through a residency program.  You are expected to get along with and support your classmates.


Class Payments and Billings

All payments can be made:  Online under our "MAKE A PAYMENT" tab for Paypal (remember, the billing will show as "Legacy" from Paypal).  We can accept credit/debit cards (details are given on the "MAKE A PAYMENT" page) and we also accept checks. 

Invoices for the program will be provided at the beginning of class.  Full payment for the Program Option you have chosen will be due by the end of the first day of class.
If you will be participating in the Payment Program, your remaining balance, plus the $100 finance fee, will be due in 3 equal installments, each due on the Monday of weeks 2, 4 and 6 of class.