Housing Information and Rules

When there are vacancies in our Boards Ready apartments, we are able to offer these rooms to Step 1 students.  If you are interested in our housing, please contact us to put you on the wait list.

Most students choose to stay in local extended stay hotels.  There are many extended stay hotels in the Springfield area, most are within 10 - 15 minutes of the class. Many will provide discounts to doctors and medical students.
(ex:  Extended Stay America).


The following information and rules are extremely important and apply to all Boards Ready Aparetments and Houses.
When you agree to rent Boards Ready housing and submit the Registration form, you are agreeing that you understand all of the following rules and regulations and agree to follow them.


All apartments and houses are furnished and stocked with your BASIC needs.  This means:  beds, dressers, lamps, study table, hangers, couch, coffee table, dining room table/chairs, pictures, refrigerator, (the St Charles house does have a washer and dryer), pots and pans, plates, bowls, cups, glasses, silverware, baking sheet, mixing bowls, dish drainer, dishwasher, cutting board, coffee maker, microwave, toaster, electric can opener, cooking utensils, shower curtain, broom/dustpan, sponge mop, matress cover, trash cans, a starter pack of papertowels and toilet paper.  The housing is cleaned prior to your arrival.  Many times (not always) students will leave items for the next group of students (such as canned foods , cleaning supplies, or other things they have purchased while they are here).  NOTE:  ANYTHING else that you feel you need or prefer something different than what we have for your housing is STRICTLY your responsibility.  Do not expect or ask us to "customize" your housing.  Just as with any housing, you will need to purchase what you want for your semester: from cleaning supplies to kitchenware to decor. 
All housing is regularly sprayed for bugs, but we are in the Ozarks, so bugs and spiders (recluses) do exist!  If you feel you need additional bug protection: you can pick up bug spray or bug traps at many local stores. 

YOU WILL WANT TO BRING:  Full size sheets, any blanket needs and pillows, towels/washclothes, personal toiletries, hair dryer, clothing, computer, chargers, prescription or OTC medications needed.  Recommend a robe and slippers in order to go from your room to the bathroom.  Any other personal item you feel you may need during your semester. 

If YOU cause something to be broken, plumbing backed up because of pouring grease down the drain or flushing things down the toilet, window broken, broken furniture, broken dishes, holes/damage in the walls (nail holes or otherwise): YOU will be responsible for calling for a repairman and responsible for that bill and/or responsible for replacement/repair of the item/s damaged.
We will be responsible for appliances/air/heater repairs.
Every student MUST SCHEDULE a FINAL WALK THROUGH before you leave in order to get half of your deposit refunded.  Any damage, missing items, etc., will be deducted from your deposit.  Cost for damage above your deposit will be your responsiibility and should be paid prior to your leaving in order to receive credit for the semester.

DO NOT make any changes to the structure, color (painting) of the housing unit in any way.  Any alterations must be by strict approval of the landlord. 

The cost of utlities continues to increase.  We have based the monthly utility cost that we charge students, based on the normal average.  We expect all students to be helpful in keeping the utilities within the normal average range by raising and lowering thermostats when they leave the housing units.  In the event that the housing utilities are excessively above the normal average, due to uncontrolled monitoring of the thermostat, the house will receive ONE warning.  After this warning, any excess amount WILL BE CHARGED to the students staying at that house.  We do not cover excessive utlities. 


·       PLEASE TURN DOWN (in winter) and UP (in summer) the thermostat when you leave the house.  Your rent is based on what the normal cost is for utilities.  If this amount goes up, the total over the normal amount for that month will be passed on to the students.  So please treat this home as though it was yours.  Do not waste utilities. 
DO NOT leave windows open when the air or heat are on!    (yes, believe it or not, people actually do this!)
DO NOT SPEND hours in the shower and do NOT use all the hot water: your roommates need hot water too. 
Shower:  GET IN AND GET OUT.  KEEP YOUR BATHROOM TIME TO A MINIMUM.  Finish getting ready in your room.  Please work out a bathroom schedule for showers. 
Units with washer/dryers:  Do not excessively wash clothing.  Please be conservative.  This will help keep utilities down and the possiblity that your utlity bill becomes excessive, causing an additional charge to all of the tennants in the house.

.         NO CANDLES FOR ANY REASON AT ANY TIME.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  If you would a like a scent: buy an electric melter with wax melts or an air freshner.  Do not scent the house without 100% of your roommates approval.

.         NO PETS.

.         NO SMOKING INSIDE ANY ILLEGAL DRUGS IN ANY FORM, ANYTIME!!!  This will be cause for immediate termination at all housing.  If you do smoke, smoke OUTSIDE and CLEAN UP YOUR BUTTS. 

·       PLEASE remember that everyone here is studying for their USMLE Boards which literally determine their future!  Respect this at ALL times.
DO NOT play music, computers, televisions, etc where ANYONE ELSE CAN HEAR THEM.  (This is what headphones are for).  If anyone ask you to please turn down your music/show, PLEASE do so quickly and politely. 
DO NOT invite guests over without 100% of all your roommates approval.  This is a study house.  Meet your guests somewhere else – there are plenty of places in Springfield to meet up.
If you have cultural customs, please insure these are in your private room, they must NOT interfere with the study of your roommates.  (noise or usage of space).

·       PLEASE CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF.  This means kitchen, living areas and bathrooms.  Do not leave things for others to have to clean.  This means wash and put up your dishes.  Do not leave clothes and towels in the bathroom (wipe down tubs, sinks and toilets).

·       PLEASE DO NOT COOK FOODS THAT HAVE A STRONG SCENT (SPICY) without asking 100% your housemates if it is ok.  (esp: Curry).  If they object, DO NOT cook this!  We have every type of restaurant in Springfield - go out for that meal.

·       PLEASE be sure to keep your food items in your area.  Keep your part of the fridge clean and free from spoiled food.

·       IMPORTANT:  Just because everyone is a roommate in a house, does NOT mean that you should feel obligated to do everything together.  This is STUDY TIME.  If you prefer to study alone, STUDY ALONE.  Do not feel that you have to eat with everyone if you are in the middle of your studies.  Do not feel that you have to go out with everyone.  Everyone needs to study in the way that is best for them.  If someone prefers to study alone and not go out – do NOT be offended.  Support them and respect the way they study.

·       Those of you with CARS.  Your ARE NOT A TAXI SERVICE.  Do NOT feel obligated to drive anyone anywhere.  (emergency’s of course: please do). 

·       Those of you who do NOT HAVE A CAR, do NOT assume that someone here with a car is your TAXI.  If they are kind enough to offer you a ride or take you to the grocery, etc. PLEASE HELP THEM WITH GAS MONEY!

·       If someone sleeps in, no one is going to wait on you.  They will be at class on time.  Come when you can.  This is a VERY good time to start practicing for residency!  Not a place you want to ever be late or miss, if you want to keep the residency:  the rule in residencies:  "NO EXCUSES".  period.

·       If you miss class, do NOT expect someone to take notes for you.  It is kind if they do, but do not expect it.  They have studies to do, their responsibility is to their work and studies, not to catch others up. 

·       DO NOT bother other housemates with questions or tutor needs (unless they OFFER).  They are here to study on their own, not educate others. 

·       Please DO NOT put things on the walls (no nails, no tacks).  Please use the removable scotch tape pads provided to you at Boards Ready to post any notes, note cards, or pictures on the walls.  You will be responsible for the cost to repair damage to your walls.

.       LOST KEY:  If you lose your key, it will be a lot cheaper to borrow your roommates key and get a copy made.  If we have to get another key made for your, it is a $25 charge.  Possibly consider making an extra key copy and find a place to hide it!  You will need to turn your key (and any extras) in during your final walk through. 

.       LOCK OUT:  If you lock yourself out, it will be a lot cheaper to find one of your roommates to meet you.  If we have to drive into town to let you in, it is a $50 charge between 8 am - 10 pm.   From 10 pm - 8 am, it is a $100 charge. 
Possibly consider making an extra key copy and find a place to hide it!

.       MAIL AFTER YOU LEAVE:  Please remember to forward your mail after you leave.  We have NO way of guaranteeing we will ever get this mail for you as the housing may be empty between semesters or rotating medical students for electives may be staying in between semesters. If someone gets the mail and turns it in, we will be happy to send it on to you.