Step 2 CS  Training Program

Boards Ready provides a one week preparation for Step 2 CS. You will learn and practice everything you need to pass.  This includes:
- Practice in our actual clinic exam rooms with real exam equipment.
- All high yield cases that you may encounter at Step 2 CS.
- Heavy practice with peers to insure you are exact on your patient encounters.
- Heavy practice on EMR charting to insure that you get this part done within the short time allotted.
- The most efficient way to take your SOAP notes while in your patient encounter.
- How to monitor your limited patient encounter time and how to do a focused exam.
- What to do and what not to do.  There are certain things that will cause you to fail the test automatically.
- How to communicate with your patients to help you in your scoring.
- How to chart on the EMR to insure you finish in time and compete it properly.
- The key differential diagnosis
- A lot of excellent "Pearls" that will help you succeed on this exam!
- What to expect on your test day.
- TIming of scheduling and taking your test to comply with ERAS/Residency application deadlines.

One of the most valuable weeks you will invest in your medical training!

Boards Ready 5 Day Step 2 CS Training:  $1500
(Cost comparison:  Other programs provide a 3 day training for $2000)

Contact us to arrange a date for your training.

Boards Ready Housing:  If housing is available, 7 days of rent would be $300  (this allows you to come in the day before the class and leave the day after).  Additional days will be pro-rated.  The housing is located 1 - 2 Blocks from class:  Housing is fully furnished with all dishware/pots, etc., Rent include all utilities, trash, internet.  You will need to bring your own personal items:  full size sheets, pillow, towel.
There is a $50 non-refundable deposit for cleaning.
Pictures of the student housing can be seen under the "Cost and Options" Tab.