Mission Statement
The mission of Boards Ready is to empower
medical students with the confidence, knowledge
and skills to reach their maximum potential
on the USMLE Board exams so as to
qualify them for future residencies.

 Dr. Tricia Derges is the CEO and Founder of Boards Ready and operates several medical clinics. Her favorite clinic, Lift Up Springfield is a clinic she founded to provide free medical, dental and mental health services to the homeless, the Veterans, the poor and the uninusred.  In March of 2017, Dr. Derges was awarded with the National Jefferson Award for Missouri and in June 2017 received the elete National Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Award, which is only awarded to five individuals across the country each year.  This award is considered the Nobel Peace Prize for the Community.  Dr. Derges joins the ranks of recipients that include Oprah WInfrey, Tom Brokaw and Mariano Rivera. In March of 2018, Lift Up Springfield, was awarded top new Non-Profit in SW Missouri.  By the clinics 3 year anniversary in January 2019: over 20,000 people have been helped.  In December of 2018, Dr. Derges was awarded the Springfield 2018 Humanitarian of the Year.

She is blessed to be a wife of 32 years and the mother of 8 children, including 2 older children that were adopted from Russia, and 22 grandchildren (current count).  She was the CEO and founder of the largest candle-personal care products manufacturing company in Missouri prior to her medical career.  She has received such awards as: Missouri Entrepreneur of the Year,  Top 20 Most Influential Women in SW Missouri and Manufacturer of the Year.  Her highest honor was a personal visit from President George Bush in 2004, to give national recognition for the home bound work programs she created for the needy of her community.  Dr. Derges also spent over 15 years working with troubled teens in the local Ozark high school to insure they earned their diplomas.

Dr. Derges is very proud to have been a part of the Assistant Physicans Law in Missouri. In 2014 she provided the physician documentation that was instrumental in helping the Missouri House of Representatives write and pass the Assistant Physicians Law and in 2017 co-wrote the bill that was passed which corrected the eligibility time for application for the Assistant Physician law.  The Assistant Physician Law allowed Missouri to be the first state to make major headway in decreasing the severe shortage of physicians and getting qualified help for their underserved population.  She is currently working with individuals in Washington DC to provide solutions that help solve our nations physician shortage by providing better residency options, taking care of our Veterans while at the same time reducing cost.  Her 4 clinics now employee only Assistant Physician's. 

After raising her children, and a lifetime of business, she made the decision to go to medical school at the age of 52 in order to do more for those in need.  She graduated Summa Cum Laude of her medical class in Curacao, Netherland Antilles and did all of her clinical training at Cox Hospital in Springfield, MO., with whom Dr. Derges describes as the top physicians, not just in Springfield, but the state of Missouri! She is eternally grateful to these great doctors that cared enough to make her training second to none!   Dr. Mike Galiindo, Dr. Anthony Richmond, Dr. William Moore, Dr. Tim Woods, Dr. Michael Hanks, Dr. Jaime Jones, Dr. Edgar Galinanes and Dr. Rebecca Farinas (Jacksonville, FL). 

Throughout her medical school experience, her background as a business leader and mother allowed her to identify numerous areas that fell short of the proper training required for the USMLE Boards.  Because of these shortages she witnessed countless, talented students not only give up and quit, but lose thousands of dollars of their life savings and their parents life's savings.  As a parent she took this loss to heart.  She states, “It was as though I was watching my own kids lose their dreams!”

Dr. Derges was determined to create a program that helped to fill the shortages and gaps that created these failures.  Her teaching method is designed to interactively include the student one on one in the learning process so that they will easily learn, understand and retain material with ease.  She feels that lecturing to students for hours and running through powerpoints is of no value.  Dr. Derges impliments heavy discussion, questions and thinking outside of the box.  She uses parables to relate difficult topics to things students already do on a daily basis in their lives - so it makes understanding afst and easy.  She states:  "When students leave my class, they think like a doctor - this is why they do so well on their exams".  Dr. Derges disagrees with the common thinking of many medical school professors in that  “it was hard on me so it should
be hard on you”.  Dr. Derges believes that the majority of the material required for the USMLE Boards can be simplified so that it becomes visual and realistic to learn and understand, it does not have to be difficult.

Boards Ready is a “Boutique” 12 week semester USMLE  Step 1 Board Review Program that includes Step 2.  Including Step 2 along with Step 1, insures the top most success on the Boards.  There is also the option to add on a full 4, or more, weeks of elective rotation credit towards several specialities:  Family Medicine, Urgent Care, Addiction Medicine, Regenerative Medicine or MIssion Medicine (with signed affiliation with the student's medical school) .  We also are able to offer Family Medicine Core Rotations.  Dr. Derges has no interest in enrolling as many students as possible to rush through a 6 week program.  Sadly, she has found that money seems to be the main driving force of many review programs.  Based on her own experience, she has found that it is absolutely unrealistic to expect 99% of students to be ready to take their Boards with just 6 weeks of review.   In fact, as she has witnessed countless times, the majority of students that took a 6 week review program either quit because they were so overwhelmed or they spent another year or more studying on their own before they were finally ready to take the exam.  She has many students come to her for help after taking several other review courses that produced no success.  This is tremendously expensive in time and money.  She has continually witnessed that the majority of students that were the most successful on their USMLE exams and Matched with a residency devoted a full semester toward Board preparation.  Dr. Derges has met with dozens of residency program directors and the initial most critical factor they consider is the USMLE Boards Step 1 scores and pass rates.  Something this important simply can’t be afforded only 6 weeks.  Step 1 determines one's residency and their future! 
Boards Ready is one of the most difficult review programs available, yet the most reasonably priced.  That is because the USMLE is one of the most difficult exams written in the United States.  Boards Ready will challanges every aspect of each student so they are totally prepared: both mentally and physically for the USMLE.  As Dr. Derges states, "you must prepare for this exam just as you would for the Boston Marathon, it will take everything you have to give, it is the most difficult exam you will ever take".  But she also insures that the class takes on a “family” atmosphere during the 12 weeks.  Everyone helps and supports each other so that everyone succeeds.  Students from this program make lifelong friendships that may provide critical future networking. 

Students come from all over the world and the US to study under Dr. Derges.  Many of these students have come to her because their schools have threatened to dismiss them.  She has been very successful in helping each of these students with their individual needs, including: successfuly passing the Boards, helping the student transfer into a medical school where they can be successful, or providing rotation opportunities in her clinics.  She has been able to save students many thousands of dollars.

Boards Ready has continued to expand its educational assistance:  In addition to Step 1 preparation, It offers a one week Step 2 CS course that teaches the critical skills of: diagnostic, differentials, communications, and EMR entry.
A custom, 12 month, 90 credit hour pre-med program has been designed so that students can earn their MD degree in 5 years instead of 8 to 10 years.  It is designed in a rotating format so that students can enter at any given month.  Upon successful completion of the pre-med program, entry into medical school is guaranteed immediately following graduation.  Boards Ready also provides 3rd and 4th year medical students with credit for 2 and 4 week blocks of Clinical Core and Elective Rotations in Family Medicine or Urgent Care (with school affiliation agreement).

Dr. Derges published her medical USMLE training textbook: Boards Ready, Step 1, 2, 3 in January 2018  In looking back over her medical pathway, many people asked her what she would change if she could.  Her answer: was that there should be one book for Board Study, a book that gives the whole picture - not just "steps".  A book a student could use from the first day of medical school through residency.  She believes that if someone can see the whole picture, the result is far superior!  Boards Ready is designed around that concept.  It covers all 3 Steps in 1125 pages.  The book is extremely organized, user friendly, color coded and focuses soley on high yield materials.  She has taught strictly from her book for the last two years.  When students take their exam, they always comment that "the book was "dead on". Dr. Derges states:  "It is so exciting to see these individuals succeed!"

Dr. Derges is currently working to provide her course in an on-line subscription format so that any student, regardless of where they are in the world, is able to take her class and succeed on their Boards.  More information will be forth-coming about the on-line class.

Dr. Derges firmly believes, Matthew 6:33, is the secret of true success in this life.